Friday, January 18, 2008

Last Blog

1. I think that some strengths to a personal essay are that they give you an idea of the person from just one sequence in their lives. It gives you an insight to different feelings felt and that time and maybe even how it still effects them or how it effected them at that time. Weaknesses would be that there are too many rules, so it was hard to get it just right. I felt like I couldn't grasp the whole concept. It depends on what you are writing, sometimes writing a personal essay can be easier because it is real, and then other times it can be harder because you are trying to convey a certain feeling. I think that it was harder than I thought. Many would think that writing something that's real would be easy, but it was almost the opposite. I would consider writing another but maybe not so much.

2. I think reading different things helps to expand ones writing style and ability overall. I don't see reading as something that is necessary for being a great writer, especially when writing fiction. But, I do see reading as a tool to develop a whole new world of writing to someone. I think getting to read different books can help your imagination become greater and ultimately take to another place. Once reading something that can put you in another world, it could be easier to write like this and make your readers do the same. It is important to read because it not only helps you expand your styles of writing, but it can also help you to develop a stronger vocabulary.

3. I think the poem I wrote that was titled "Look at the Stars". It was a meaningful poem because it was about a friend of mine that had passed away. My favorite genre was poetry because it had a lot of different styles, including free verse. It was easy to do and easy to get inspiration for. I think the greatest challenge for me was writing the play because I hadn't ever done that before. The different rules of spacing and capitlization took a lot of effort as well as making sure it could be acted out. I think the short stories were ones I didn't care for because they were less interesting. I think I will continue to blog or even create my own someday. I also think that it helped me to develop an eye for different styles which will help me in Windigo as a writer.


Coke or Pepsi: cocaine
Li'l Wayne or Little Debbie: Lil' Wayne
McDonald's or Arby's: Arby's
Chiptole or Taco Bell: neither
American Idol or MTV: MTV
Buffalo Wings or Florida: Florida
New York City or Los Angeles: LA
Name you like for your future daughter: Grace
Name you like for your future son: True Goliath
What is or what will be the first country you see outside the continent of North America: Europe
Disney movie you would be most likely to watch on your 21st birthday: Little Mermaid

5. no

Monday, January 7, 2008

Assignment 13

1. I value my faith. I value this because without my faith, I would not be the person I am today. I feel as I grow as a person, I grow in my faith with God. My family and I have a strong bond because of our faith and this is something that always helps us. I think that being able to have such a strong faith effects my life each day. Without being able to go to church or being able to pray to God, my life would be incomplete. Some of my best experiences come from experiences with God. Camps that I've been to have not only let me become closer to God, but the people I go to those camps with. Also, being able to have a place to worship Him and talk about Him is something that I value and would have a hard time living without. All in all, God ties together my family, my friends, and my life.

2. I think that the hurricane Katrina is something that has really made me look at the world differently. In Comparative Anatomy we watched a news video on the animals that were abandoned from their owners and were barely surviving in the mess. The humane society took trips to different homes and parts that had been hit and rescued the different animals. This really was a shock to realize how much pain and suffering each different person goes through. It also makes me feel happy that so many people are trying to help and make a difference in the lives of so many who have nothing because of the hurricane.

3. What I want to accomplish in the year 2008 is a sense of relief as well as confidence as I venture off to college on my own. I think that so far I've been really stressed and overwhelmed with a lot of things and I just hope that I can relax and enjoy my senior year. I think that I really need to be appreciative and thankful for my time with my friends and family. I want to know that I made the best of my senior year. Another thing to accomplish is something that goes hand in hand with appreciating time is making sure I'm ready for college and being able to be away from home. I always get home sick so I hope that I can get over that and experience my first year full on.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Assignment 12

1. Some things I found frustrating when writing the play was the format. It felt like it was harder to get an idea across because my mind would be so focused on the spacing and capitalization. A pleasant surprise was that I managed to meet and surpass the page requirement. I didn't think I would have enough ideas or plot to fill up five pages, but in the end I had more than five pages and had a clear plot, and theme come across. I don't think I would ever pursue publishing a play because of the time it takes to write one. However, it was interesting to get a chance to experience writing one and learning the different styles they use.

2. In my personal essay some things I would like to include would be experiences in my life through church. I think that a lot of who I am and a lot of what I've learned has been from church and/or my experiences with God. I would try to portray a message of faith and how one should appreciate life by talking about my car accident. I think that this could express my feelings toward God and how my family and I became closer through faith. These are things I would include in my personal essay because they are real experiences and have shaped me to be who I am.

3. If I could give a ten year old advice, I would tell them not to try in school until ninth grade. I think that one should enjoy their childhood and have fun. So many kids feel pressure to succeed in sixth grade and it's just not worth it. I feel that if kids really focused on enjoying each day and having a fun time, they will develop a want to do well in school and ultimately do better in their years to come.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Assignment 11

1. I think that theme is really important in writing, however, it is not necessary if the writing makes a clear point. I do think that when reading plays or books or even poems that a theme is helpful when interpreting and trying to relate to the piece of writing. I think that literature doesn't really have that many boundaries. Pretty much anything goes and that goes along with expressing an idea. It is helpful to have an idea presented, that way you are not lost within reading or writing. For example, the movie "Breakfast Club" is an example of having a central idea and in the end concludes with a theme of accepting differences. I think that the movie does a great job of displaying their theme throughout by having the students act and talk about different stories that make them who they are.

2.I think what causes great literary works to live forever is their theme and overall writing style. I think an interesting plot and or intriguing message can draw an audience in and keep them there. Although I haven't read the book Pride and Prejudice, I enjoyed watching the movie. I think what really caught my attention was the characters and the history behind each scene. The topic was romantic and simplistic, yet it kept you wondering what would happen next. I think it's stories that can relate to each kind of person, and can keep one involved in the story is what makes works last forever.

3. If I could have one long- lasting impact on the world around me, it would be something realistic such as helping with the Children's Hospital and more importantly cancer patients. I feel like those who are diagnosed with cancer or any other serious illness at a young age is terrible, I think that to help I could really put my efforts into donation, and helping out at the hospital. While doing this, I could write poems with a message of hope, love, and happiness, and then give them to the patients. Each patient could then draw a picture of what they thought the poem meant to them, and each picture could be published next to the poem in a book. This book then could be sold for money and the money would go towards the hospital and cancer research. This idea could then inspire those children with hope and also encourage others to make a difference.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Assignment 10

I am a thinker and I think thinks

1. What concerns me now in the world is those who don't have enough money or aren't fortunate enough to have a Holiday. I think that many in the U.S and all over the world are struggling to even pay bills or eat, but I always think that people, no matter what, should be able to have a special day on Christmas, or get a chance to have a great holiday. I feel this way because I look at my life and how lucky I am to have what I have and it makes me feel sad about those who cannot or will not have a Christmas like mine. I'm so used to just getting presents and being able to have a huge meal with all of my family in a warm house, it's hard to realize that a lot of people don't have any of that. I think feelings like this happen more when the Holiday season comes up and it's something that helps me to realize how fortunate I am.

2. I think someone who is unique, special and amazing would be my church leader Kimberli. Not only has she effected my life, but that of many others. She is always there when you need her, and she offers the best advice and also is so easy to relate to. She is amazing in the fact that she can connect on so many levels with so many different people and equally accept them. I also think her relationship with God is one that I admire and I enjoy learning from her and with her through experiences in church and with God. She is truly special because is someone you can always count on, and even though she has a family of her own, she makes time for you. I really look up to Kimberli and love all that she does.

3. There are a lot of pieces of art that inspire me, one being the song "Yellow" by Coldplay. It is an older song by them, but it somehow always gets to me. It has inspired me in my poetry a lot in this class and is a song that relaxes me and helps me to take notice to all the little things in life. The phrase, "Look at the stars, look how they shine for you..." I think that ultimately means that the world is here for you and for the taking, and look at them wanting you to appreciate them, waiting for you to notice them. I also listen to Coldplay a lot when I'm running, although most of the songs are slower, they all have a good beat that keeps me going. It really helps to let go and focus on the moment, it relieves a stress and inspires me to keep going.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Assignment 9


1. Happiness is a feeling and or emotion that comes from a personal experience, or that comes from another persons experience.

2. Happiness in my life comes from the things I do and the people I'm with. I enjoy playing a lot of different sports, and when I am playing them, I feel content. Also, when I run outside I feel really happy. All my problems go away because I'm only focused on running and enjoying the outside. Not only does a lot of my happiness come from sports, but also my friends and family. My friends and I are always having a good time, whether it be making cookies, rollerblading, going to the pool, or just watching tv, I feel happy with them. With my family I feel happy because we are all so close and we always have a good time no matter what. When holidays come around, my whole family is together. Just being together with them makes me feel happy.

3. My mom is someone who really influences my happiness because I'm with her a lot. Her and I are always laughing and she makes everything fun. She also comforts me when I'm sad or feeling stressed and makes everything okay, even if it's not.

4. I think I have a large impact on my parents happiness. With everything I do, my parents are with me 100 percent and that can effect their happiness because I may not always be happy. I think that my parents feel sad when I'm sad and when something exciting and or happy happens, they feel the same way toward me and for me.

5. My greatest need in life is passion. I think that you must have passion in order to be happy. You need to be passionate about the things you love, and I think that when you love what you do, you are happy.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Assignment 8

Some ideas for Photo Story:
cabin (inspired by a poem)
school- going through the years
summertime (inspired by a poem)
weather (inspired by a poem)
traveling (prompt)